Saturday, September 27, 2008

CouchDB Screencast

Another interesting screencast from PeepCode this week, which I came to know because of their screencast and pdf on the Git distributed revision control system.

Otherwise they seem to focus on Ruby on Rails.

This time they teamed up with Jan Lehnardt of CouchDB, who wrote:
Hello everybody,

Geoffrey Grosenbach, famous for his PeepCode (
screencasts for developers, released a "CouchDB & Rails" screencast.
It is useful even if you don't do Rails but want to learn CouchDB. Go check
it out. It is only $9 and a free preview is available.

PS: If enough people buy this one, Geoffrey will work on more advanced
follow-up screencasts and I totally want that, so please do me a favour :)

So did I, because I want more Erlang stuff produced.


Code Monkey said...

I bought CouchDB for Rails screencast also. After watching the video. I realized that CouchDB is a perfect match for one of my company project. May convince my boss to switch from MySQL to CouchDB for that project :)

Dein Bär said...

Good luck with your boss! :-)