Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chaos on Erlang

From upper left to lower right: logo Chaosradio, a diagram on discordianism, a spoofed Trans Europ Express train (TEE) and the Chaosknoten (chaos knot) which is a spoof of the old German cable network logo (it features a letter K for Kabel)

More Erlang coverage from Germany's Chaos Computer Club (CCC):

  1. There was a recent one hour broadcast about Erlang on Chaosradio Express:
    CRE082: Erlang - Die Programmiersprache für Gleichzeitiges, Robustes und Verteiltes
    Presenter Tim Pritlove talks with Ben Fuhrmannek about Erlang. It was recorded at the Easterhegg in Cologne. (Found via the Chaosradio Blog)

  2. One of the links for the CRE082 broadcast points to the Erlang lecture from the Easterhegg 2008 conference of the Cologne CCC branch:
    Wissenswertes über Erlang - sehr praktische Einführung in die moderne Programmiersprache

  3. Another CR082 link points to an older video broadcast about Erlang:
    CTV068: Erlang - Declarative Real Time Programming Now!
    It turned out to be the famous 1990 Erlang movie ("Hello Mike? Hello Joe!") which was made in the tradition of Monty Python. If you want to know, what the actors think of their early work, go here. Too bad the director's name will never been known ("We actually used a professional company to do the filming, but I won’t mention their names as they would probably sue me for libel.")

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